One Year Under the Banyan

Under the Banyan is one year old today. Thanks to everyone who has visited these pages and especially to those of you who have left comments on the posts here.

I set up the blog as a bit of an experiment and I am glad to see it has survived a full year.  I’m looking forward to writing more in year two, and to hearing more from readers of these pages.

If you are new to the blog, here is a list of the posts from year one.

  1. A quick hello
  2. Climate change alters the English language
  3. They kill environment journalists, don’t they?
  4. Borneo’s Husband-and-Wife Mountain Gods Look Down on Illegal Logging
  5. The Song of the Dodo gets my vote
  6. World’s most notorious wildlife smuggler caught in the act
  7. Environmental or spiritual pollution – which is easiest to fix?
  8. A challenge: To anyone who ever used the phrase “tree-hugger”
  9. The best blogs on biodiversity?
  10. Five vacant niches in the biodiversity blogosphere
  11. What gorillas can teach children about being human
  12. The curious case of the BBC and climate change
  13. Is it time to kill off ‘biodiversity’?
  14. One act of stupidity and 5500 acts of reason
  15. Malaysia’s million dollar question — where did the logs come from?
  16. If we keep on biting the hand that feeds us, it will slap us in the face
  17. When maps lie (Africa gets short-changed again)
  18. Postcard from Japan: bamboo poetry in Kyoto
  19. The Nazi threat and climate-change denial
  20. Thank God for Fox News…
  21. One great way to visualise climate change
  22. More climate change but is it the right climate change?
  23. The dark history and uncertain future of edible pink gold
  24. You’ve got to be in it to win it
  25. Ask not what you can do for nature… Ask what nature can do for you
  26. 25 tips for climate change journalists
  27. Postcard from Qatar: A rainbow of rabbits and soft fluffy chicks

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