After a baby and a book Under the Banyan is back

I’ve been away from this blog for nearly a year, but I have returned today to bring it back to life. It has been a busy time. My main reason for putting the blog on hold is pictured below, hiding behind a fig leaf. My son was born in June last year and he has given me joy every day since then. I try to see the world through his eyes now. I have also been busy writing a book (more news on that soon, I hope).


12 thoughts on “After a baby and a book Under the Banyan is back

  1. Congrats Mike… Babies are wonderful, but thing is you tend to spend lots of time with them (either by need or by choice 🙂 Learnt this myself after become a dad last December..!! Keeping a blog going on is not an easy task, but hope ‘Under the Banyan’ will continue for long time..!! Good Luck with your baby and the blog..!!

  2. Welcome back Mike. Missed your blog. Knew about your son, but did not know about the book. So
    double congratulations.

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